Welcome to my illustration portfolio. Please make yourself at home. If you would like to see work I have made for other people, pop on over to my COMMISSIONS page and have a look. For information about my shows- past, present and future- head over to EXHIBITIONS.


NBAF 2015

Inspired by tattoos, body art, pattern and nature.

bird of paradise with passion flower ship on the seas in circles stripy angel fish tattoo design
colourful jellyfish multi coloured ink wolf nautical tattoo repeat pattern
octopus tattoo illustration zentangle ink hare tattoo design spotty seahorse tattoo design woman with flowers and crows

Curiouser Tales 2014

A collection of work based on children's books and fairy tales.

Alys in Wonderland mixed media Fairy Queen painting Into The Woods pattern Mermaid Pirates mixed media woman and cockatoos etching Rapunzel rhyme illustration Fishbowl mermaid acrylic painting
Lady of Shalott tapestry illustration Fairy tale caslte felt textile Moth silhouette Into the Woods 3D canvas Under the Sea 3D canvas Fairy girl silhouette Snow White apple tree Once Upon a Time 3D canvas
woman and cockatoo in nest acrylic They Danced rhyme silhouette The Crowman tree silhouette Two for joy crows spray paint canvas Red riding hood and wolf nordic pattern Intelligence of rats illustration Titania and Oberon collage

DDR 2013

'Then&Now: Drawn from Distress to Recovery'. An autobiographical graphic memoir project still in development.

title page Then and Now graphic novel sea storm and fire Then and Now graphic novel
school depression Then and Now graphic novel mum and me Then and Now graphic novel
dragon page Then and Now graphic novel CBT page Then and Now graphic novel

Rat Book 2012

The fun and quirks of having a pet rat.

rat in plant illustration rat selective hearing comic
Rupert rat diagram Rupert rat and Sophie hamster ball cartoon
rat breakfast bowl comic


Just what it says on the tin.

Helena Bonham-Carter portrait
Sean Bean portrait ScribblyRoo and Peter rat
Maggie Smith portrait