rat portrait

Hello. I'm ScribblyRoo. Sometimes known as Hatty in the 'real' world. I live and work in a little village called Alburgh in South Norfolk, UK, where I create illustrations for fairytales I have written, spin wool, paint, draw, play with the dog and make a general (creative) mess.

As you'll see from my portfolio pages, I like to work in a variety of styles and with whatever materials I can lay my hands on! I use my graphic design skills to create posters, ads and branding solutions, while I also like to put my love of colour and pattern to good use in the odd tattoo commission. I aim in all my projects to keep learning and having fun creating imagery that will capture the imagination.

I graduated from Bath Spa School of Art and Design in 2013, with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Communications. I started working under the name ScribblyRoo during my second year there, inspired by the success of visiting alumni, CRIBBLE, contemporary cartoonist, BRICK and graphic novelist THOM FERRIER, who began writing under a nom de plume to protect his real identity as an unhappy general practitioner. I wanted to create a name for myself that was both quirky and memorable, like Brick's, that allowed me an element of the same confidentiality Ferrier achieved. Scribbly seemed obvious from my compulsive doodling, and Roo came about as an ode to my late pet rat, Rupert, who saw me through most of my University education with affection, patience and a love of chocolate that rivalled my own. He features heavily in my illustrated RAT BOOK from 2012.

More recently, I have become the youngest member of the Harleston and Waveney Art Trail (HWAT), based along the Norfolk and Suffolk boarder. I hope working with established local artists will give my work clarity and purpose as I continue to develop my style and voice.

If you would like to find out more about any of the information given on this website, or if you want to discuss a commission, please go to my CONTACT page and get in touch. Thanks for stopping by!